Homo retardus

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  • creature occupying Earth similar to humans
  • sophisticated modern humanoid
  • experimental branch of Homo sapiens with self-destructive and repetitive behavioral patterns
  • blind devolution branch of Homo sapiens
  • similar skull cavity size as Homo sapiens but primary brain reduced by SCS


  • have small secondary round brain located on small antenna in the middle of body - the organ able to override primary brain while connected with females


  • thanks to God feminists were created
  • have no secondary brain
  • inability to create, drive or logically think
  • spontaneous, chaotic behavioral patterns
  • suffering from MTS, PVS


  • self-destructive behavior
  • no signs of intelligence
  • ignorance of natural laws
  • males heavily suffer from size syndrome
  • females heavily suffer from PVS
  • reinventing the wheel (science)
  • common diseases love, SPS, EHS
  • needs supervision from God
  • relies heavily on social system
  • refuses to take responsibility for its life
  • eExperts occupying SocNet or internet in generally