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All natural tribes believe in some sort of supernatural being that they call Mother nature. They observe and worship Sun that rises and sets every day. Natural cycles of doom and gloom. Symbiosis with nature that make them better. Natural wisdom shared for millennia before humanoids were born.

Ever since first CIF was born, last remains of humanity is slowly purified from history. The infamous purification of last natural people was called Malleus Maleficarum aka Hexenhammer or Hammer of Witches. The age of medicine begun via their peers Dr.

CIF brought wars, murders, misery, poverty yet there is still over 90% of population hardcore believers. God has special passion for poor and stupid that is why he made so many of them.

  • CIF is involved in porno industry. You often hear "oh my God" from porn actors.
  • abbreviation for Cult of Invisible Friend
  • we have about 6000 cults in last 5000 years and each cult believes their CIF is the best and only one
  • we have aggressive cults like Judaism or Islam that purify non-believers
  • we have loser-friendly/most popular cult of Jesus that converts and assimilates non-believers
  • and we have peaceful cults like Buddhisms that mind their business and do not bother others