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It is a noble academic degree among upper-middle-class HTEM humanoids meaning Drugs reseller or Dealer/reseller commonly known as doctor or simply doc. While surgeon doctors can repair mechanical damage to human body, their competence in keeping people healthy failed miserably ever since modern medicine has been invented. We have many types of doctors, yet they still do not understand that human body is the system that interacts with each subsystem...they simply suppress symptoms by various legal drugs and call it "healed".

If you visit a doctor, you suddenly become "sick" because healthy people are bad for business. Never try to educate "doctors", I was almost kicked out from "specialist's" practice by daring to say how human body works.

In pre-apocalyptic era people lived barely 80 years and just barely 10% of population made it over 80. Nowadays, we have over 30% zombies living over 80 and slowly killing system that is expected to collapse by 2035. Medical care collapsed back in 2017. My grandfather "lived" almost 95 years, daily taking a handful of Smarties dealt by doctors.


  • super duper extreme arrogance and poverty - who is more than doctor right?
  • extremely overpaid for no real value for humanity
  • believe of superiority compared to uneducated people that don't have any diagnosis of mental diseases such as Ing, CSc, Bc, PhDr, PhD, Dr etc.
  • especially arrogant toward people with real skill and successful life
  • heavily taxed while sponsoring poor
  • refusal to learn missing skills, believing "I am highly educated, who knows more."