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  • an abbreviation for Volumetric Efficiency usually used in internal combustion engines.
  • usual VE of stock naturally aspired engines is 80% at max. torque and 75% at max. power
  • stock TDi engines ca. 90% at max. torque and 80% at max. speed
  • heavily optimized racing engines achieve VE =>100%
  • VAG claims 2-valve per cylinder TDi with VE up to 95% and 4-valve design up to 98%.

VE of Isuzu Duramax LBZ V8 TDi CR diesel engine with 4-valve per cylinder design

Isuzu Duramax LBZ diesel engine has got up to 88% VE at 1600rpm (max. torque) and 3000rpm (max. power) - based on amount of fuel and boost

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