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Know is do - if you must think, it means you have no idea. "Those who can't do, teach. Who can't teach, leads. Who can't lead is advisor/coach."

Paradoxically, HTEM are most poor and also have no money. Most knowledgeable are usually materially poor. Rich have no theoretical education yet they have it all...I am not talking about pseudo materially rich that do it from fear of insufficiency and greed - it is yet another form of poverty.

In old days the great people (such as my all time favorite Miyamoto Musashi or Sun Tzu) with real skills based on their long time work used to have selected group of highly talented youngsters that were taught their wisdom. Basically, any living creature is taught by its parents and masters in surrounding. Some civilizations still practice this real educational system.

Then first CIF was born and s/he has an agenda to enslave - pardon me - educate poor humanoids. In the beginning it might be with good intention, but it turned out into something very ugly that does exactly the opposite...making people poor and without money. Modern schools train obedience and robotics.
"I never let schooling intervene with my education." ~ Mark Twain
Schooling is the Barbarous Relic of Industrial Age.