Johnny McFuck

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Johnny McFuck is a fictional character in HR Poetics.

Johny is the humanoid's example of perfection.

He posses magical powers that exceed the best and brightest masters in the field. He can do things, in grandma's garage, that even the richest car manufacturers failed to do with millions invested in the best gear man can buy.

He doesn't even need any expensive gadgets in grandma's garage because he developed a feel for cars in his childhood. He simply can do better than racing teams with 100+ years of motorsport.

Chiptuners's are naturally smart and anything that happens is an act of CIF and Johnny is worshiped as the only real God.

Slow damage to engine and nature is not considered as a fault of Johnny McFuck because he posses the magical personal trait and explains to you it is not his fault. Johnny's common argument "you have no idea what are you talking about" or "you are retarded and talk bullshit" because he has credible business in grandma's garage.

Johnny is also a philanthropist and sponsors tuning forums where he teaches his magical powers.