Homo retardus

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  • has three brains - primary brain is located below ca. 15cm long antenna and have two hemispheres - usually called balls and capable to override secondary and tertiary brain or so called hearth. Secondary, one hemisphere strawbery-size, brain is located at the end of ca. 15 cm antenna in the middle of body - the organ able to override tertiary brain while connected with females. Tertiary, two hemisphere, brain is located on top of torso but is rarely used and usually work only as control unit for bodily functions.
  • despite male humanoids have more brains than females, they rarely work while connected to female mainframe.
  • males are fearless, boundless and capable of great discoveries if properly managed by females


  • is smaller than male
  • has two brains - primary, one hemisphere pea-size, brain is located on top of secondary mouth (usually called vagina) in the middle of body. Secondary brain is slightly smaller than male's tertiary brain and located on same place as males.
  • is scared, confused with no logic - female has been designed as a stabilization/support unit of male's crazy ideas and primary is used as an entertainment for males
  • just two brains but capable of controlling males with secondary mouth
  • inability to create, drive or logically think
  • spontaneous, chaotic behavioral patterns
  • suffering from MTS, PVS


  • self-destructive behavior
  • ever since God created feminists, the whole species is rapidly vanishing
  • no signs of intelligence and heavily poor
  • ignorance of natural laws
  • males heavily suffer from size syndrome
  • females heavily suffer from PVS
  • reinventing the wheel (science)
  • common diseases love, SPS, EHS
  • needs supervision from God
  • relies heavily on social system
  • refuses to take responsibility for its life
  • eExperts occupying SocNet or internet in generally